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The Amazon Book Review: a few things I needed to know

Before you can post a review you need to have an Amazon account that has been used to buy something from them (not necessarily a book). You do not need to have bought the book you are reviewing from Amazon.

How to do it: Go to product details page. Click on Customer Review. Rate.Write.Submit.

You are not allowed: to review your own book, to do more than one review of same book, to review in exchange for a reward, to do 5 star reviews for family members or close friends (how do they know?)

The number of reviews a book receives  determines the exposure it gets on Amazon sites.

Potential readers  pay a lot of attention to reviews.

I have  two 5 star Amazon reviews of my novel Timed Out so far and I am exceedingly grateful.

Can you guess why I have written this little post today?

And can anyone add anything to what I have listed above?








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