Books by Barbara Lorna Hudson


ISBN: 978-1912053490

PUBLISHER: Fantastic Books Publishing, in Press 2019.


Set in Oxford, “Makeover” is the story of a personal shopper who sets her cap at a rich widowed professor. Part romantic comedy and part deadly serious, it deals with the question “Can people change?” and the barriers set by social class and educational difference.

Timed Out

ISBN: 978-1-925296-19-8 (paperback)

ISBN: 978-1-925296-21-1 (digital)



Jane Lambert thinks she may have made a mistake putting her work ahead of love and family for so long. She’s left wondering what to do with her life now that she has retired.

Taking note of the sentiment from one of her retirement cards ⎯ Retirement is NOT the end. It’s a NEW BEGINNING ⎯ she decides it’s about time she looked for love again, and places a lonely hearts advertisement. Jane embarks on her new life, suffering disappointments and learning hard truths about herself, while never losing her gift for self mockery or her eye for the absurd.

Timed Out is a contemporary “coming-of-age” novel about different kinds of love and the search for a meaningful life.

“Lovely, lucid fiction, poignant and bittersweet. A story of late life romance told with honesty and wit.”

—Adam Foulds, author of Man-Booker shortlisted
The Quickening Maze

“I loved reading this story. The important question of how we should live the last decades of our life is, for an ageing population, timely; TIMED OUT explores this question in a poignant and truthful manner.”

—Michelle Spring, Cambridge novelist

Click to Click



Thirteen contemporary short stories recounting the delights and disappointments of online dating. Some are comic, others heartwarming, and a few may make your flesh creep. Whatever your age – our daters range from 21 to 60+ – if you look for love on the internet you may find fun or romance… or you may find something darker.