Spring comes to Oxford

(Wrote this in February but didn’t publish it. So I thought I might as well. In fact, spring didn’t really come to Oxford till this week. I’ll try and do a catch-up piece soon.)

It’s sunny and the Thames is sparkling. My writing this morning isn’t.

On St Valentines Day I got no cards or flowers, so I went out and bought myself a blouse with flowers on it. And wrote a rather daft guest blog to advertise the free download of Oxtale Soup, the Kindle ebook.

Discovered by chance that Ether Books had published another of my stories without telling me. It is called Short Story Writer and is soppy, inspired by my meeting with a short story writer whom I tried in vain to impress by writing some of my own.

There are snowdrops and daffodils in our College garden. Shouldn’t they arrive at different times?

Handed in the last chapter of my novel to my writing class. Now to make  the middle fit for human consumption. There’s something calming and empowering about knowing how it will all end. Try it if yours is sticking, and tell me what you think.

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