Portrait of a Boyfriend

Here’s another piece of flash fiction.  I’m a new member of the Romantic Novelists Association and I wanted to show you that we can be  unromantic too. 

Squint: ‘A condition in which the visual axes of each eye are not directed simultaneously at the same fixation point (i.e. each eye is not pointing at the same object at the same time.)’

I looked it up in Black’s Medical Dictionary. But that doesn’t tell you how it makes a girl feel – unsettling, that’s what it is.

So different from my ex-, the one I gave up for being over-devoted, like a little dog – that soppy look of love and eyes that wouldn’t let me go. This one… Well, you certainly didn’t get that feeling. You didn’t know for sure whether he wasn’t looking past you in search of a more fanciable target. Or just looking into space, bored with you, miles away. I wondered if he enjoyed keeping a girl guessing, but I didn’t like to ask.

Wihout proper eye contact it’s hard for a couple to click. But the rest of him was so tempting I decided to give it a go. Tall and lean and strong. A set of perfect features if you didn’t count the eyes.

Reader, he dumped me.




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