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Do you recognise this? A Russian story with a moral

Does anyone recognise this? If you do, please let me know. Years ago I used to perform it as a sort of party piece, but I’ve no idea where I got it from.

A Russian peasant is trudging through the snow. He finds a poor little frozen bird, still breathing – just. He picks it up and trudges onward.

Next he finds a lovely fresh cowpat, still steaming.  He carefully stuffs the little bird into the  warm cowpat with just its little head poking out. And goes on his way.

The little bird thaws out and starts to sing.

A big bad wolf comes along, pulls the bird out of the cowpat, cleans it in the snow and gobbles it up.

This story has not one but three morals:

He who shoves you into it isn’t necessarily your enemy. He who pulls you out of isn’t necessarily your friend.

And if you’re in it up to here DON’T SING.


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