Yet more embarrassments

Thought I’d lost the whole master file of short stories written by my group and destined for Kindle. Remembered little black back- up thing but couldn’t work out what was in it or how to get its contents out. Then found the file, and quickly emailed it ot my co-authors and a copy to self AND printed the whole thing out.

Went to new creative writing class and did an exercise – so emotional that I was unable to read out what I’d written for fear of crying in public. It’s problems like this that are holding up my over autobiographical novel and putting my keyboard in danger of being flooded with my tears. I need to get less sorry for myself. Inserting lots of jokes doesn’t sem to help.
Now let’s see if this blog gets published. But will it be read?
Ah well – got my fourth comic tale published by Ether Books Ltd. They are very nice people and seem to read my stuff.

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