The struggles continue

Can’t work out how to put up a photo. But you’re not missing much.
The kind people at Ether Books have now published my fifth story ‘Patricia and the Slasher’ – a soppy/comic and part-autobiographical tale about internet dating, I am thrilled to announce that it costs 69p. – so I fear I am not going to be able to live on my royalties. Ah well I have my pension.
I did think it would be nice to show photos of the dog and cat who feature under assumed names in my story, but the technology to do it again defeats me. Are there any classes I could go to?
A kind friend solved my printer problems today, but he is somebody else’s husband and has enough to do helping her.
Looking forward to the Group 2012 meeting on e-book publishing next week. Maybe I’ll learn something if I concentrate hard.

2 thoughts on “The struggles continue

    • Thankyou so much for that. Have uploaded the two photos.
      You are the only person who has commented at all, on anything. V busy with the two self-publish ebooks at present and all the terrifying technology is keeping me away from writing any new stuff. Creative writing class tomorrow an I haven’t done my homework.
      Meeting you and the male voice choir was super.

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