The Hyperlink saga

On a wonderful Guardian workshop on e-book production I learned how to create hyperlinks between chapters or stories and the contents list. On both current, nearly ready story collections I have laboriously three times done exactly what I was told. At first all links worked perfectly. Now they don’t. ‘Word for Dummies’ offers no help.
I thought I’d console myself with Downton Abbey, but the TV said something about re-tuning and I pressed automatic and lost all signs of life. So I’m back to the computer and writing or else reading ‘Bring up the Bodies.’
Cheered to find a fellow author (of a story in our Internet Dating collection) has a blog too. Louise Skelton.
And for our book of Oxford stories we have a super cover – sorry can’t upload it.
Will now have another read of the instructions that wordpress provides…
And thanks to Joanne Fox – a much more ‘published’ writer than me for reading and commenting on this tale of woe.

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