Pride and Embarrassment

Meeting with Sara Banerji, who taught our creative writing class. She has just had six of her novels re-issued by Bloomsbury. And she continues to teach, organise the monthly story-tellling event ‘Sharkspark’, work in her allotment and make jam tarts.

She wasn’t shocked by my first and only attempt at a nasty story, which involves  three nasty men and a bull.

Had my first fiction publications – Sandwiches for Seagulls, The Last Night of the Proms and The Easter Hamster – etherbooks quick reads. But I’m embarrassed when friends ask: ‘how much will you get?’ (answer: nothing, and  the stories are free) and ‘how can I get to read them?’ (answer: you have to have an i-phone or i-pad – they are working on androids – whatever that means). But etherbooks do seem a very professional outfit and the author list includes Hilary Mantel and Lionel Shriver and Louis de Bernieres. Their stories cost 69p.

This is my second attempt at continuing my blog. If it works, I will start to tell about other attempts at wrestling with the  technology – I’m involved in producing two self-published items and it’s not going too well.



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