More triumphs and disasters

The run of good luck with Ether Books continues.  They have accepted ‘Out of the Sea: two Cornish Love Stories’  one of the sweetest, most feel-good things I have ever produced.  The second acceptance was of ‘Googling the Wife’  – originally one of the nastiest – I had a horrible insensitive and mercenary protagonist.  But in deference to a chorus of disapproval from my friends I developed her into a person with an unhappy past who’ll get some  sympathy from the reader. I’m not sure the story is so much fun now.

Feeling well pleased with self, I turned my attention to preparations for the Arvon course on writing for radio. One of the tutors (Kate Clancy) sent a message asking us to download a free bit of software and I couldn’t manage it. I blame the new computer. And she wants us to take a recording device of some sort  – I haven’t got a fancy phone and I’ve thrown away my old Walkman.  It seems that some computers record, but I can’t think how. So I am bound to be bottom of the class at Totleigh Barton in Devon, where I should arrive on Monday, floods permitting.

Fun and helpful exercises with  the author and creative writing teacher Dennis Hamley at the Writers’ Group 2012 this week.  I read out  a cliche-ridden little story featuring one of our leaders, Ilaria Meliconi,  but alas she wasn’t there to hear it. Group 2012 was the highlight of my month – sad, isn’t it?

Enjoying  for  a second time Reading Like a Writer by Francine Prose (can that be her real name?). That and Stephen King’s On Writing are my  favourite two books on the craft.

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  1. Too late to do anything about it now as I am car less (broke down with some flood damage & at the garage)but I have a Olympus Recorder & several blank tapes that you could have used if I’d known sooner but bear in mind for the future.Jan x

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