Click to Click, Sharkspark and Jersey Bull.

Lots to do tomorrow, whizzing round the websites telling the world that our little ebook of dating stories Click to Click is going to be free to download. FREE TO DOWNLOAD FOR ONE DAY ONLY, I shall shout, SAVE £1-93. The theory is that the multitudes who download it will also actually read it, enjoy it and tell their friends who will then buy it. I wonder…

More advertising. We are re-launching Sharkpark, the Oxford Storytelling Club on Monday 28 January 8pm. We invite people to tell a true story in 5 minutes, no notes. Or just come and listen and clap.  Nice meals and drinks beforehand. Venue: the Turl Street Kitchen. The theme is HOPE – suits me very well, given what I’ve said about Click to Click.

Today I added another interesting rejection letter to my collection. Bete Noire Magazine turned down the nastiest, naughtiest story I’ve ever written. Not dark enough for them, but they said they hoped I’d get it published elsewhere. Maybe they were just being kind. And where else can I submit  a story about a farmer’s wife and a Jersey bull?

Glad to say the nice Editor  of Scribble has accepted something from me. No sex, no violence, a bit of love and a bit of sadness – perhaps  that’s the genre I should stick with.

Next time I hope to tell more about the writing classes I’m attending and what I think may be happening to my writing as a result. So far a lot of deleting is taking place.

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